One of the strengths of the Episcopal Church is the breadth of our faith and belief. Instead of being bound by specific dogma or theology, the Episcopal Church is bound together by our common way of worship: we gather together, read scripture, sing hymns, recite prayers and share in the Eucharist. The beliefs of each individual are formed by Scripture, the person’s own reason and tradition, both ancient and modern. This leads to a diversity of meanings attached to the way that we as Episcopalians worship together.

By coming together across a broad spectrum of values and understandings of Christianity, we believe that each person’s faith is strengthened by dialogue with others, and as a community we are closer to God’s kingdom, where all peoples from all cultures and traditions come together to worship God. As such, we place particular emphasis on how and why we worship. At St. Bart’s our bulletin includes explanatory commentary at the start of each liturgical season. We also occasionally celebrate an instructed Eucharist where we pause within the service to delve deeper into the significance and origin of the tradition. We recognize that not everyone in the pews grew up in the Episcopal Church, and we do our best to explain the tradition and theology behind our rites and rituals.

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