Diocesan Delegates

The Diocesean Convention will be October 28-29, in-person, at the Oregon Convention Center, Salem.

As part of our Diocesan governance, lay and ordained delegates from each church represent their parish or mission at four meetings a year.

Our Current Diocesan Delegates
Diana Powe - Rector's Warden (2021)
Stephen Peters - People's Warden (2021)
Sandy Kukahiko - Delegate (2022)
Cara Miller - Delegate (2021, 2022)
Ocean Eale - Alternate (2021, 2022)

Diocesan Delegate Qualifications and Expectations
Make Up of Delegate Team
The St. Bart’s Diocesan Delegate team is made up of:
• Four Diocesan Delegates.
Appointed at the Annual Meeting for a 3-year term.
• One Alternate Delegate.
• The St. Bart’s Clergy.

Diocesan Delegates:
• Attend the Diocesan Convention in the Fall.
Note: Convention begins on a Thursday evening, and runs all day Friday and ends Saturday in the  early afternoon.
• Attend three Saturday Convocation Meetings.

Duties before Convention
• Become familiar with the Budget and Resolutions. (by attending Convocation Meetings)
• Read the Bios of the candidates standing for Diocesan positions.
• Register and pay for convention and the hotel. (Usually in September)

Duties at Convention
• Elect Diocesan Officers.
• Approve the Diocesan Budget.
• Vote on Diocesan Resolutions.
• Hear Diocesan Reports and the Keynote speaker.
• The St. Bart’s Team sits together at Convention and has lunch together at Friday.
• There is also an optional banquet Friday night. (Discuss plans ahead of time)