Paid & Volunteer Ministry Positions

Volunteer positions: Cutting Garden Tender / Cutting Garden Lead
Mission: to work with a team to maintain the cutting garden on a regular basis and provide altar flowers as seasonally possible


  • Cleaning up the garden of yard debris
  • Weeding
  • Planting
  • Checking in with the Altar Guild regarding floral arrangements
  • Please note that the frequency of these tasks varies seasonally

Leader Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating a volunteer schedule for the above tasks
  • Assisting with the above tasks regularly

Coordinate with: other cutting garden team members, leader and with the Altar Guild as needed
Questions? Marylee Tolley and Judy Cato are happy to answer your questions regarding this role which they have been in for many years.


Mission: to work as part of a team to find, create, and coordinate social events for the parish at and/ or outside of the church

-research and plan activities both online and in person, for a variety of interests
-gather and present event details for approval
-coordinate and/ or facilitate events in person and/ or online
-connect parishioners who would like to participate together or carpool
-report to Cara Miller and/ or Fr. Jeff and/ or the vestry, depending on event details
-be Safe Church trained

For more information or to volunteer, contact

Mission: to lead a small group of preteens and teenagers

-be Safe Church trained
-create and plan a regular meeting schedule for youth group meetings at the church and/ or online
-research and plan group games, events and activities both online and in person, at church or offsite
-communicate well with parents and teens
-recruit and gather Safe Church trained adult and young adult volunteers to teach youth or accompany them on field trips or excursions
-keep basic meeting records

For more information or to volunteer, contact

Mission: to lead our Grandbuddies program

-be Safe Church trained
-coordinate monthly Sunday events for seniors and young children at church (and/ or online, only if needed for safety)
-communicate dates and activities with seniors and parents of young children
-pair up new members
-keep a record of dates and activities when the group meets
- have a fun, active personality to engage all ages in gatherings!

For more information or to volunteer, contact

Mission: to work with a team to provide refreshments for memorial services and funerals


-          Set up and setting out of refreshments before services

-          Clean up after services

-          Occasional work, on an as needed basis

Volunteer position: Tech Helpers (10-12 openings)

For more information or to volunteer, contact

Mission: to do grocery and supply shopping and drop off at the church on an occasional or as-needed basis, about monthly
-         Respond to a request from the office to purchase items, about once a month
-         Coordinate with the office as to when items are needed. You will have sufficient notice.
-         Coordinate with the office as to where to get items such as coffee hour supplies (no membership required to shop at Costco- use the church shopping card)
-         Bring items to the church
-         Submit receipts for reimbursement in a timely manner
Coordinate with: Sandy Kukahiko

Mission: to do occasional take-home work that should take no more than two hours, such as sorting, filing, cutting things out, etc. Jobs can also be done at church if preferred. Coordinate schedules with Cara Miller.
-         Pick up and drop off supplies as needed to the church
-         You will have a few weeks’ notice for any projects and can work on your own timeline
-         Working in person at the church is an option as well.
Coordinate with: Cara, Sunday School Director