Defining personal spirituality is a lifelong process that starts at Baptism. During each Baptism, the entire assembled community promises to: “do all in [our] power to support these persons in their life in Christ.” Part of the support we promise is Christian formation.

We are not born knowing all that we can learn. Learning and growth continue throughout our lives. The St. Bart’s Children’s Education aims to nurture and encourage spiritual development, community and fellowship.

Children’s Education introduces our youngest members to Bible stories and Christian theology. We also cover how what we do in church on Sunday changes the way we act the other six days of the week.

Children’s Education is available for pre-school through grade 6.

Church school classes for children in preschool through sixth grade meet from September through June. Sunday School begins at 9:45 a.m. The children come upstairs during the Peace to join the parish for Holy Communion.

Our preschool and kindergarten children explore the Bible through the Godly Play curriculum. Each week a different Bible story is told that engages sight, sound and touch through the storytelling aids. When the Israelites flee Egypt the children see the figures of Moses and the Israelites “walk” across the desert box and hear the heavy chain hit the sand as the storyteller describes their captivity. After the story is over, the children are encouraged to interact with the various “story boxes” on their own.

Our first through sixth grade class use a lectionary based curriculum written by our Sunday School Director. The lessons each week follow the lectionary and classes include scripture, prayer, games and other activities. Each class has an altar which is used during prayer time with frontal colors that the children change to coincide with the changing of the altar hangings upstairs.

Youth grades 7 through 12 are engaged as teachers for the preschool and elementary classrooms.

In addition to the formal classes we have events including an Easter egg hunt; a visit from St. Nicholas; and celebrations to kick off and finish the Sunday School year.

On Sunday mornings Nursery care is available from 9:40 a.m. through the end of the service. This childcare is intended for children up to the age of five. Older children are asked to attend church with their parents.
Please note that the nursery will be closed December 23, 24 and 25.

Parents' Nights Out events happen several times a year.
Drop your kids off for a couple hours of fun when they will be entertained with games and crafts, and fed dinner. At 7 p.m. we will gather for Eucharist.

Previous year's themes have included:

2020 (online) Our theme was “Instruments of Peace."
Children were able to engage in a variety of online activities including singing and dancing with homemade instruments. They also got to hear and interact with various Bible stories.

2019 - God's Creation was our theme and we celebrated with a week of activities revolving around everything under the sun - and beyond!

2018 - Finding Jesus: An Undersea Adventure
This Finding Nemo inspired VBS focused on creation and caring for one another. The children collected many cans of tuna to help our Food Pantry.

2017 - May the Lord be with You: A Space Odyssey
Our Star Wars themed VBS focused on the balance between light and dark within each one of us, and the support of Jesus Christ, our light and redeemer

2016 - The Journey Home: Following God’s Yellow Brick Road
Join Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, Dorothy… and Toto too as they search for answers and find their inner strengths along the Yellow Brick Road.

2015 - Queen Emma’s Hawaii: the Ohana (Family) of God
Join us for a Hawaiian journey to build a church with the Hawaiian king and queen.

2014 - Wizards and Wonders: A Hero’s Journey with God
Spend the week with Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts as we embark on a journey with God.

For many people, the highlight of the Christmas season is the St. Bart's annual Christmas Eve Pageant and Eucharist, held at 10 a.m. the Sunday before Christmas. The pageant highlights the joy and creativity of about 40 children. Traditional and contemporary songs are rehearsed in Sunday School throughout Advent and a dress rehearsal is held to put the whole production together.