We are happy that you are considering celebrating your wedding at St. Bart’s. It is our hope that we can help make your wedding a meaningful Christian experience.

Your wedding is a time of great excitement and joy. It is also a Christian rite centered on the commitment that you are choosing to make in the presence of God and your loved ones.

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The following are the first steps in planning your wedding at St. Bart’s:
1. Make an appointment to speak with one of our priests by calling the office.

2. Meet with your priest to schedule the time and date of your wedding and rehearsal. It is important that you not set a date for your wedding until you have met with your priest and together determined that St Bart’s is the right place for your celebration.

3. The clergy of St. Bart’s are delighted to preside over your wedding. If you would like another clergy person to share in your wedding service, please speak to the rector.

4. Our Canons require that at least one of you be a baptized Christian.

5. Divorce: If either of you has been divorced, our clergy must receive permission from the Bishop of the Diocese of Oregon to perform your marriage ceremony. Your priest will explain this process.
Please note the divorced person must apply at least 90 days before the ceremony.

6. Service: Weddings conducted at St. Bart’s use the Episcopal rites as approved by our Bishop.

7. Music: The St. Bart’s Music Director will work with you to advise and approve your wedding music choices.

8. Pre-Marital Counseling Plans: Please note that pre-marital counseling is required in the Episcopal Church and must occur before a wedding takes place. Your priest will help you make pre-marital counseling plans.

9. Wedding License: Please remember that you will need to obtain a wedding license and deliver it to the church a week before your wedding. Contact your local County Courthouse for information on how to apply.

10. Photography and Videography Guidelines: Since Christian marriage is a sacrament of the Church, please speak with your priest about photography inside the church before the day of your wedding.