Pledge Drive 2021-2022

October 2021

To my fellow members of St. Barts
It was such an honor to give the homily during the September 26th service. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my story. St Barts is a special place for me and I’m so happy that I’m a member of this parish.

As I mentioned in my homily, it takes money to keep St. Barts open and to ensure that our wonderful programs continue; not just for ourselves, but to the wider community. It’s on us to make sure St. Barts can continue being there for us now and into the future. We don’t receive financial support from the Diocese or from the national church. We need approximately $400,000 each year in order for St. Barts to remain healthy and vibrant.

If each of us could increase their pledge by 3% for next year, that would be wonderful! What does 3% look like? Well 3% of $1 is three cents, and that three cents, on top of each dollar that you already generously give, will help take St. Barts a long way into the near future and will help to ensure our continued financial security and growth.

Please prayerfully consider investing in the future of St. Bart’s by completing your pledge card. This year's pledge cards can be filled out and returned to St. Bart’s in a variety of ways (listed below).

1. You can fill out your 2021 pledge card by using an online form: Click here to fill out an Online Pledge Card. Note that the information from this form will be sent directly to Fr. Jeff and Mike Hefty, pledge bookkeeper. Only Fr. Jeff and Mike will see your pledge.

2. You can print out a 2021 Pledge Card, fill it out and then mail or hand deliver it to the church: Click here to download a PDF version of the Pledge Card. Remember that we have a secure mail slot at the front of the office so you can deposit your Pledge Card and whatever time is most convenient for you.

3. You can pick up and drop off pledge cards during Sunday Services on September 26, October 3, and October 10th.

4. You can call or email the office and we will mail you a pledge card which you can then mail back to the church.

I can’t reiterate how much St. Barts and the wider Episcopal Church means to me—I prayerfully ask that you consider what St. Barts means to you and to give a little more if you can.

In Christ,
Ocean Eale
St. Barts 2021 Stewardship Co-Chair