Pledge Drive 2022-2023

September 28, 2022
Beloved St. Barts Family
It is a pleasure to serve you once again as Stewardship co-chair with John Rockwood for the second year in a row. I appreciate the opportunity that stewardship offers to renew ties between one another and for the opportunity for us on the Vestry to personally thank you for your devotion and generosity.

When I hear Christ’s call in Matthew 11:25-30 to come to Him all who are weary, ‘For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light,’ I think of how St. Barts is perhaps the only place where I can truly put down my burdens and take up Christ’s instead. For me, St. Barts is a place of safety and comfort in a troubled world during troubled times. Being at St. Barts renews my spirit and revives my soul. It is my fervent hope that St. Barts offers the same to all who enter our red doors.

Of course taking up Christ’s burden also involves going out into the world beyond our red doors, beyond our own safety and comfort. It involves us sharing the Gospel and living out our faith in service to the wider community, offering renewal and revival to all. Your pledges not only help to keep the lights on and pay the wages of our rector and staff, but they also allow us as a church body to take on Christ’s burden, to heed His call, and to ensure our doors are always open to those weary of the world around us.

In this spirit of renewal and revival, please prayerfully consider investing in the future of St. Bart’s by completing your pledge card. This year's pledge cards can be filled out and returned to St. Barts in a variety of ways (listed below).
1. You can fill out your 2022 pledge card by using an online form: Click here to fill out an Online Pledge Card. Note that the information from this form will be sent directly to Fr. Jeff and Mike Hefty, pledge bookkeeper. Only Fr. Jeff and Mike will see your pledge.

2. You can print out a 2022 Pledge Card, fill it out and then mail or hand deliver it to the church: Click here to download a PDF version of the Pledge Card. Remember that we have a secure mail slot at the front of the office so you can deposit your Pledge Card and whatever time is most convenient for you.

3. You can pick up and drop off pledge cards during Sunday Services on September 25th, October 2nd, and October 9th.

4. You can call or email the office and we will mail you a pledge card which you can then mail back to the church.

Thank you for all of your support and generosity. May we all be a light to those around us.
In Christ,
Ocean Eale
St. Barts 2022 Stewardship Co-Chair